Sample Pronto Pizza Menu

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Margherita (v)

Tomato Sauce | Mozzarella | Fresh Basil | EVO

Marinara (vg)

Tomato Sauce | Fresh Basil | EVO

porty (vg)

Tomato Sauce | Peppers | Portobello Mushrooms | Fresh Basil | EVO

pepperoni Chili pepper

Tomato Sauce | Mozzarella | Pepperoni

Scotsman Chili pepper

Tomato Sauce | Mozzarella | Haggis | Chilli Jam

Diavola Chili pepper Chili pepper

Tomato Sauce | Mozzarella | Nduja | Pepperoni | Crushed Chillies

Ham & honey

Tomato Sauce | Mozzarella | Pesto | Honey | Prosciutto | EVO

All of our pizzas are 12” hand stretched, Neapolitan style using authentic Italian tomatoes and a sourdough base slowly proved for optimum flavour, cooked pronto in our Ooni pizza ovens at 500°C


dough balls (v)

5 sourdough balls brushed with garlic butter and served with a choice of dip

garlic pizza (v)

Sourdough base with garlic butter and cooked in our Ooni Pizza Ovens


Garlic Mayo | Hot Sauce Chili pepperChili pepperChili pepper (vg) | Chipotle Mayo Chili pepper | BBQ Sauce (vg) | Ketchup (vg)

Bruschetta (vg)

Chopped tomatoes mixed with garlic, basil and EVO. Served on toasted ciabatta

italian salad (v)

A fresh rustic salad made up with cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, mozzarella served with a red wine vinaigrette

v – vegetarian
vg – vegan
evo – ev olive oil

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