Author: Belmonte Catering
Category: Dog n' Bon | Pronto Pizza | Rolly's Ice Cream | Stik Waffle
Date: 30 August 2023

Belmonte Catering in Street Food Scotland

Belmonte Catering is delighted to be featured in the book ‘Street Food Scotland’ which is a showcase for the best street food catering.

Michael Notarangelo, owner of Scotland’s premier street food company, Belmonte Catering was delighted to be featured in the new book which was written by Ailidh Forlan.

“We love our street food, so it is always a buzz to be recognised as a leading provider of street food in Scotland. As we continue to build our portfolio and expand our food offering to venues, locations and events across Scotland.”

Belmonte Catering now has four distinct street food brands which are available for event planners, businesses and the general public to hire for their special occasion.

Find out more about Rolly’s Ice Cream, Dog n’ Bon, Pronto Pizza and Stik Waffle.

You can buy the book on Amazon and many other fine local book shops, such as the Portobello Bookshop which we are happy to recommend.

Street Food Scotland